Conditions Treated

ultrasound-therapy-shoulder-injuryThese are some of the conditions that we cover.If there is a problem you have which is not on the list please contact us to discuss treatment options.

Neck – whip lash, pain and stiffness, trapped nerve
Shoulders – AC joint injuries, rotator cuff, tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder
Elbow – tennis and golfers elbow
Hand and wrist – stiffness, pain arthritis, injury, carpal tunnel syndrome
Thoracic spine (middle back) and rib pain
Low back pain – slipped disc, sciatica, weakness, stiffness
Groin – strain
Hip – bursitis, arthritis, ITB friction syndrome
Knee – cartilage tears, tendonitis, patella pain, jumper’s knee,
Calf – muscle tears, shin splints
Ankle – ligament injuries
Foot – plantar fasciitis
Sports injuries
Post fracture rehabilitation
Gait analysis
Ante and Post Natal exercises
Pregnancy related back or pelvic pain
Pelvic floor weakness
Pre and post joint surgery – ACL and PCL rehabilitation,
Repetitive strain injuries
Ergonomic assessment
Vertigo – dizziness
Pilates and core stability exercises

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